Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Condemned Man’s Last Wish

I see, so you’re a condemned man’s last with, huh?

As I’ll be indisposed during my challenge, we had a little celebration last night. Taper mode is now in full swing. Since not going into this thing overtrained is so much more important than going in undertrained, I’ve pretty much ceased any intense activity until I feel rested. Hopefully, I’ll recover with a few days to spare. This will allow a couple of tune-ups in the days prior to the event. The thing about tapering is that you just never know how your body will react to it. Without sufficient exercise to get me tired, it sometimes throws off my sleep patterns. And no sleep means no recovery. Most endurance athletes I know hate tapering. I can’t say I hate it, since it gives me more time for other things, but it always makes me feel out of sorts, to a degree. Today, color me out of sorts, to more than a degree.

Good evening George.

Good evening, Dr. Hemlock.

And how are you this fine evening?

Oh, I’m just fine, Doctor.

Did you watch that magnificent climb Ben and I made today?

Yes I did, Dr. Hemlock. It sure was good.

You know, George, I’m going to be leaving here soon and I’m going to kind of miss you in my way.

I’ll miss you, too, Doctor.

One thing I’ll have to say, George, is you’ve never cluttered up our relationship with any sticky sentiment. Maybe we should cut the chit chat and you just jump in here and we’ll get lucky.

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