Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You Broil A Mean Steak, Hemlock

Food/drinks are almost always a part of a birthday challenge. There are generally two aspects to this. First off, there's the actually nutrient requirements to sustain one through the rigors of the endeavor. Secondly--which often becomes primary--there's usually something that's challenging to eat and/or drink that is part of the goal. This can become a stumbling block (exhibit A - last year's challenge).

My food and drink challenge is still to be determined but is from the Eiger Sanction. Now, it's supposed to be high brow fare--but this is American high brow fare from the 70s and not much of it looks too appetizing, especially during a challenge. It's the kind of stuff you'd expect to get in a restaurant with a mahogany bar, high-backed leather seats, and a signed picture of Joe Willy Namath on the wall.

My training nutrition, however, is different. I often train with no food because the ability to function on stored fat can be improved. During the day Megan and I did the 21 routes at AF I didn't eat. I always find this useful training. Conversely, I've been trying to train immediately after eating as well. Nat Ross, one of the best 24 hour mtb racers, recently told me that he likes to eat a big dinner and immediately go for a ride. During long events you've got to eat but you don't want to stop moving. Learning to eat on the move is something that you need to practice. So I've been eating and running, eating and riding, and eating and climbing, all of which kind of sucks. And it might suck worse when my only choices are broiled lobster tails, crab meat cocktail, french onion soup and wild turkey on the rocks.

pic: sandbagged on the trail


Ted said...

Be thankful it's not 47 eggs, although that would put you close to the man hisself, Cool Hand. Not that that you aren't already light years above most of the rest of us in the eating challenge world. After 32 eggs or whatever it was, you're like the Pope, much closer to God than humanity, that's how I think of you my friend.

Pulling for you and you challenge, keep up the good deeds.

Debbie said...

For my birthday challenge, Gert is finding 38 different types of licorice. Now remember, this is DUTCH licorice. The first time I tried a piece we were in the car. 1 second after it hit my tongue I spit it out, level 5 hurricane style, straight into the closed passenger side window. Salty goddamned licorice. WTF?!? And what is it with the Dutch and licorice. How is it even possible to have 38 varieties? Oh yeah, Steve, if you want to get really 70's... please have some martini rossi aussi spumanti. I just remember seeing ads for that in my childhood... really great seductive hair parted in the middle couples enjoying that drink on brown shag carpeting. Please don't forget that. I'm serious.

steve edwards said...

Well, if it were just a 70s challenge I'd have to drink Colt 45. I mean, Billy D is the man: