Sunday, November 18, 2007

Supposing You Can't Cling To The Edges?

No offense, Herr Doktor, but I think it's more accurate to say the good doctor has failed to climb the mountain twice.

It's Sunday night. A week from now it'll be all over. And, right now, I'm not feeling very confident. I'm tired, a bit beat up, and not ultra motivated to taper in the most dilegent fashion. I'm well aware that this may have to do with a few un-needed shots of Wild Turkey that I had with Dustin in honor of his birthday, but still. We also had French Onion soup, broiled steak, Oly, and all the crab meat cocktail we could eat, which surely should have offset it.

This weekend I began to "taper", of sorts. Just went climbing at the Billboard and did some laps on 11+ and 12-s, so it was more of fun climbing than challenge training. Today was a Ratso hike and a couple of hours on the bike with Alex. Not slow, but not a hammer fest either. Not sure what I'll do from here on in.

Three weeks isnt' really enough time to train. That late the hay must, essentially, be in the barn. My problem is that it's been a drought year and the barn ain't fully stocked. My fine-tuning has been going okay but the aches and pains have caught up to me, I'm slightly hobbled, and if I headed out tonight I don't think I'd have a prayer. Hopefully, a good night's sleep will change my mindset.

There's a chance that I can conclude my business without having to make the climb. But, as Ben told me, "No. Once your over there you're going to want to climb. That's just the way you are."


marc said...

sorry we missed saturday; suzanne said it sounded like it would be wonderful! anyway, you will win this week and we wish you success rather than luck (though maybe a little luck with the lobster tails). looking forward to reading about how it all went down.


Japhy rider said...

eye of the tiger, amigo. have a bunch of fun!