Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pardon Me While I Choke

My guess is that after George put me under, Miles was going to come in and off me in some spectacular fashion.

To add to the challenge, I'm sick. Like I said about tapering going either way and why so many athletes dislike it. I haven't had much sleep; so much for recovering. Anyway, it adds another wrinkle to my challenge and that's what these things are all about, self-exploration.

The only type of training I've been able to do: Tuco doing what he does best.

"Sorry about this, but my blood must be fully replaced twice each year."

"With what?"

"Bitter today, huh Hemlock? Get it, bitter Hemlock?"


AlfaSunshine said...

Dear Steve: Thanks for the email. I am impressed with your challenge (I guess I should say happy thanksgiving and if it's your birthday happy birthday too). I think it's a little crazy as my mind doesn't compute "fun" in so much extreme physical activity, but at least I can see how preparing for and completing such a challenge would be quite a life charging experience. Your mind must agree with me a little since it gave you such a timely cold. I bet once you get going the cold will go away or knock you out

I am starting a new round of phh...Monday. I didn't go too crazy on the food thang but i'm never so good either. I will wowy my yoga class tomorrow and maybe throw in a beachbody workout on sunday. Mind you this will be primarily to send you some get 'er done vibes on your fabulous weekend journey. Better you than me pal.

~hugs, Lauren...aka alfasunshine...aka Nubian

sk-HAWT said...

I'm sorry to see that the Challenge was postponed. Nonetheless, I hope you had a great B-Day and super T-Day

Get well soon,