Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Superior Wants To See You...

That doesn't narrow the field much, does it?

Dragon has requested that I get more people involved with the challenge so I'll be WOWY-ing my daily workouts at

Million Dollar Body

Why should you attempt to workout virtually with me? Because you win stuff. It's free to be a member and they give money away daily. My sister already won a hundred bucks and you can win a lot more (though I can't, being an employee, so I don't pay attention to how much).

It'll also be easy to train with me because, over the next few weeks, I'll be training a lot. Yesterday I went for an easy run and followed it with a "Half Dome" day in the gym (HD day is 20 pitches, El Cap day is 30--I did 22). The gym, Momentum, is huge so it's nothing like ticking routes at the WLA Rockreation. The routes are longer than most of our local routes outside.

Other n' a couple of stiff tendons I'm fairly uninjured. The climbing training is going remarkably well. The running, well, could be a problem. I hurt my achillies a couple of months ago and have just started to run again, so we'll see about that one. I also haven't ridden hard since the Moab 24 hr race, so there's that to consider as well. Of course, if I knew it was possible it wouldn't be a challenge.

Moab 24 hour race slide show


marc said...

okay steve, i signed up, i'll work out, maybe even get into some semblance of shape (i currently have a shape but by western standards it's not a "good" shape, though a dodecahedron might be considered a "good" shape)...(ir)regardless, how do i view your workouts as a newly inducted million dollar body free player? should i share my screen name? i envy you in your challenge, but alas, we are committed during the designated time frame. you have inspired me however to drag my aging (and somewhat wrinkly) ass off the couch and away from the fridge such that i can virtually train for my upcoming challenge this spring. thanks and i look forward to virtually training with you.


steve edwards said...

hey marc,

was thinking about you today as i took the fixie up little and big. will blog about it tomorrow.

for sure, coasting is bad for you.


marc said...

you sick bastard; i'm jealous! i look forward to reading about it...for sure riding both canyons fixed doubles your pleasure on many levels.

safe training.