Friday, November 9, 2007

You'd Be Well Advised... have a very good reason for making this call.

I'm sleeping like the dead and beginning to feel like I'm doing a birthday challenge right now. This morning I was woken by a text from Romney (that was oddly sent last night) otherwise I'd still be asleep. Good thing, too, as I've got a lot of work to do before today's little epic. You folks in WOWY should have about a six hour window to catch me today. Oh, and yesterday some guy won a thousand bucks! Sheesh. I wish I could win money for logging on to workout. Alas, we're the only company incentivizing such things. Go obesity.

Cut last night's gym session a little short (only 3 hours) after hiking for a couple hours with Ratso n' Romney prior. My climbing fitness seems good but my skin hit a point where it seemed to be going backwards. It's important not to overdo it with an event this close. One major overtraining session can set me back too much to recover from. Ditto for something like a major skip flapper. Besides, after only three long sessions, my training partner Megan and I are both getting really bored of the gym. It's a great gym, but a gym nonetheless, and we're outside people. Plus, the weather should be great on Sat and I'm hoping to be a big training day in at the crags, so part of backing off was with this in mind.

Today I join Dustin to attempt one of the local classic rides I've concocted. Since I've never ridden it, I'll only describe it if it goes. It's about 100 miles with around 10,000' of climbing, some on dirt, to over 10,000' elevation. Dustin raced on something like 32 weekends this year and he still seems to be peaking. I, on the other hand, did about 5 races. I expect keeping up with him is going to be more painful than trying to follow George, and he's not nearly as enticing to chase.

Screw Marlon Brando!

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