Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let’s Get Down To The Nitty Gritty

No one is more qualified than you are.

Challenge begins in about 4 hours. I’ve been sick all week, haven’t done a thing, the weather is reasonably bad, yet I’m still optimistic. Scouted the course and came up with an itinerary and it looks good, at least it would if I wasn’t sick and the wind would die down. We just had a fantastic dinner at the ‘best restaurant in town’, Scaldoni’s, which turned out to be, indeed, the best restaurant in town. It was actually great, and would be in any town. My friend Misty works there, served us, and also presented me with a copy of her new cd. She rocks.

For anyone who just may happen to be in the St George region tomorrow, feel free to join in. Here’s the itinerary:

3am – run from motel out to Chuckawalla Wall parking and run a few trails, netting 13 or so mile.

5-sih – get on the fixie and head out for an easy 14.

6ish – wake Bob, eat, then ride out to the Green Valley Gap parking.

7-ish – ride the Stucki Springs loop, plus some. Total about 25 miles of single track. Then get on the fixie and ride out to Black Rocks.

Noon – arrive at Black Rocks and begin climbing everything in sight. Hopefully people will last us pass through and do there routes. I can’t imagine any climb will take too long itself. Still, 47 routes is going to be the brunt of the challenge, especially all on sight.

Hmmm, 6-ish – head off on fixie towards Hurricane, about 20 miles to the trailhead for the Gould/Jem/Hurrinace loop. Ride this.

10/11ish – anything could happen by now. Run the Hurricane/Jem loop backwards. Then finish things off with any extra mileage I need.

It’s possible I’ve left something out but I can’t recall. I think I’m organized. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Photo: medicinal wild turkey

I hate being predictable.

You were never that, Hemlock.


Reed said...

Good luck. I wish I was there, but I just couldn't muster the energy. Make us proud and try to get some air under those tires.

Anonymous said...

Kristen said...

Hey All -here's a little Steve Edwards Birthday Challenge Update:

it's Saturday, November 24th and brother Steve (double entendre) is in the thick of his 24-hour Bday Challenge. Here's the update of what Steve's accomplished so far today in the past 12 hours:

- Ran 18 miles

- Biked on the Fixie 27 miles

- Mountain biked another 27 miles

- and now he's off CLIMBING.

Just another day in the life of Steve.


did I mention he's still going strong? He's a Maniac!!!

Anonymous said...

another Birthday Challenge Update: Steve finished climbing, he's hammered but going for more! after 18 miles of trail running and 54 miles on the bike...

Anonymous said...

Evening Challenge report: Steve just finished riding Fixie Mountain bike and run, his left knee hurts like hell. But he's pushing on!

Ted said...

Go, Mr. Edwards, go!

Thanks for the updates, Kristen.